The Family

The Family

Friday, April 27, 2012

High Five for FRIDAY!

What a crazy week it has been.  Whew glad it is Friday even though I could use 2 more working days my desk is out of control but I LOVE that!

1) Miranda getting ADVANCED in her Math ISATS moving up 16 points from last year!
2) Mikayla getting her 1st job! YEA
3) Andy's trip being postponed for Maine
4) Admin Day - Our attorneys are amazing
5) My running buddy being healed so we can get to training.

This message is in the current book I am reading and it hits close to home in just about every aspect.

"Tranquility depends, not on peace in the world, but on the peace we carry within. Exercise helps us handle stress better by increasing the endorphins in our brains. But the key to a truly serene spirit comes from placing our "hope in the Lord." In knowing there is a powerful Reality beyond the visible world we see. It's this power that gives us strength to run and not grow weary.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

Okay so it is Saturday Morning but I am still posting. I decided Top 10 is hard to come up with so I stole the High Five from another blog!!!!
1) TAX MAN is paid for!! YEA
2) Mikayla ROCKIN her 400 - she improved on time by 2 seconds which is HUGE in the sprinting world
3) Miranda being a NATURAL at softball - 1st base; pitching; hitting she has it all.
4) DAZED and CONFUSED! Yea that is my new softball team name. I was chatting w/ a mom & they invited me to play SWEET!
5) CLEAN HOUSE!!1 I was home sick & bored on WED and did all the cleaning. Can I tell ya that I can never ever be a stay at home mom I will go crazy. Who washes throw pillows and everything in sight. hahhahaaha
I am ready for a fun busy weekend. Already got my 5 mile run in this a.m. w/ my sweet dog now softball; sprints; softball! YEA!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday - My Top 10 this week!!!

1) Spending Monday w/ my beautiful girls goofing off in Boise
2) Being SUPERMOM! Made softball practice & track meet & didn't miss a beat!
3) Hill running w/ my running buddies at work - windy but good
4) Chatting w/ my 2 good friends Kelli & Laurie at track meet
5) Andy coming home & bonus he will cook for us! :)
6) Baking banana bread w/ Miranda YUM
7) Playing catch w/ Miranda
8) Mikayla ROCKING the 400m at her meet nice!
9) Finding the bottom of my 4 bins at work (granted they are full again but I found them)
10) EASTER WEEKEND!!!! I love this.

As my good friend Jaime sings "It's a good day - good day to be alive" Can't complain about anything in my life at all. God has blessed me so much. I hope everyone has a beautiful Easter and remember the meaning of Easter. God Bless